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Finding your dream pub

If you dream of owning your own pub, you're one of the many Aussies with the pub bug. Whether you love the riotous noise of live music and wild nightlife or dream of a country getaway with only the gentle clink of lawn bowls to keep you company, there's a perfect pub out there for you.

So how do you find your dream pub? Well, you could spend months or even years trawling the "pub for sale" ads — or you could get a little help from someone who really knows pubs.

What is a hotel broker?

A hotel broker is a lot like a real estate agent, but with specialised knowledge and a love of hotels and pubs. Many people use business brokers when looking to purchase businesses of all kinds, simply because a broker can not only find the businesses that look great, but they can advise you whether you're truly getting a good deal.

If you go ahead and engage a professional to help you in your quest for the perfect pub, you can expect the following services:

In short, a hotel broker will turn a pub for sale into your next great adventure. Offering expert understanding and savvy advice, your broker will stand behind you every step of the way. With a great hotel broker in your corner, finding your dream pub is all in a day's work. Now for the hard part....