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4 Things to Know Before Hiring a Bus

The success of your trip may depend on how well you select the bus hire company that provides group transportation to your group. This article discusses some considerations that you should have in mind as you select a bus hire company for a trip.

Charging Formula

Different bus hire companies charge their clients differently. For example, some may base their rates on the number of kilometers or miles that the bus covers when transporting you. Others may base their charges on how many hours you stay with the bus during your trip. Also, consider the pros and drawbacks of each option. For example, hourly rates may be better for short trips. However, hourly rates can become undesirable in case you spend a lot of time stuck in traffic.

Network or Single Company

It is also wise for you to be certain whether you are selecting a bus from a network of bus hire companies or a single company. Getting a bus from a network may have several shortcomings. For example, the network may send you a bus from a company that you aren't comfortable with (one with unfriendly drivers, for example). Secondly, you may end up paying more for the rental bus since a commission may be added to the cost of that bus taken from a network. It may therefore be better for you to deal directly with a bus company after doing your homework about that company instead of waiting for a bus rental network to select a company for you.

Maximum Driving Hours

The cost of the bus rental service may also be impacted by how many drivers you may require for your trip. This is because transportation authorities often impose limits on how many nonstop hours a driver may drive before taking a mandatory break. Longer trips may therefore require more than one driver on board the bus. This will increase the fees that you are expected to pay to cover those drivers.

Safety Rating

Pay special attention to the safety record and rating of any bus hire company that you wish to consider for your trip. This information can be accessed online in most jurisdictions. Be wary of bus hire companies that have had numerous safety issues/accidents in the past. Select a bus hire company with minimal safety issues recorded about it.

Take your time and research the different bus hire companies in your area based on the factors above.